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From legal formation to operational essentials - we provide comprehensive services to launch & establish your new business the right way the first time.

Your partner on the entrepreneurial journey

Starting a business can be daunting, with legal requirements, paperwork, and countless decisions to make. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ll help you lay a strong foundation for your business, from registering a name, to choosing the right legal structure and following state & federal guidelines.


Forming an LLC

We help you apply for an LLC quickly and take advantage of its many benefits by answering a few simple questions.

Federal & State Regulations

Our team assists you in understanding and complying with federal and state regulations relevant to your business.

Licenses & Permits

We discover the necessary licenses and permits for your business and manage the paperwork for you.


Our team helps you secure your business's name and reputation across the U.S. with a trademark.

Domain Creation

Our experts find the perfect domain name for your business, making it easy for customers to find you online.

Workers' Comp

We discover what workers' compensation coverage you need and set you up with the appropriate plans.

Success story

How we helped create an industry-leading business

Through strategic branding, visual design, and ongoing fractional executive support, Mind Hous enabled Integral Recruiting Design to achieve significant recognition in its industry.

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We'll quickly guide you through some questions to help you understand our services and which ones can help you.

"A total pleasure to work with! They're incredibly proactive and efficient. Delivered consistently faster than projected. They took the time to really understand our users and their contexts while weaving in other historical cues to provide final designs for us that repeatedly garnered praise and admiration. Highly recommend working with them!"

Dr. Joel Salinas, MD, MBA, MSc, FAAN

Co-Founder, Isaac Health

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