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The owners of a breathtaking luxury penthouse in the picturesque town of Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil, came to us with a mission: To create a brand for the apartment after making it a destination for short-term rentals. Our goal was to establish brand recognition, foster loyalty, and attract a steady stream of new guests. Together, we embarked on an exciting journey to make this dream a reality.




For brand development, we conducted an extensive research to uncover the competitive landscape, market trends, and target audience profile. We even interviewed 120 individuals whose profile aligned with our carefully crafted buyer personas. With a solid foundation of data, we set out to craft various name and slogan options, testing them with potential users to see which would resonate the most.


As it turns out, the name and slogan in English performed the best, thanks in part to the large number of foreigners who visit the area and the public's general affinity for the language. And so, we settled on the perfect brand name and slogan 'Guarujá Penthouse: Our penthouse is your penthouse'.


Plant Shadow_edited.jpg



To ensure our design strategy was on point, we used the research data to uncover the key drivers that would guide our creative decisions. Tranquility, nature, fun, comfort, and welcoming were the words that stood out and helped shape the direction of our design.


These keywords served as the foundation for the images, colors, shapes, and typography that make up the final design. We didn't stop there, we went through a process of many drafts until we found the perfect one, and we made sure it was effective by testing it with users and getting customer approval.




We carefully crafted a logo that united important elements of the brand, including the letter G for "Guarujá" and an image of a building by the sea.


The color palette, featuring shades of nature, such as the sun, earth, and sea, was chosen to convey a sense of tranquility and joy. The gradient transition from yellow to blue in the logo was particularly important, as it was intended to convey a sense of balance, energy and lightness.


To complement the logo, we carefully selected two types of typography, both of which were chosen for their ability to create contrast and hierarchy. The main typography, a linear, playful font, was intended to convey confidence, high quality, and relaxation.

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