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Success story

How we helped create an industry-leading business

Through strategic branding, visual design, and ongoing fractional executive support, Mind Hous enabled Integral Recruiting Design to achieve significant recognition in its industry.

Challenge accepted

In 2022, Integral Recruiting Design (IRD), a company specializing in Applicant Tracking System (ATS) consulting and optimization, decided to invest in brand development. Despite their expertise and exceptional client satisfaction, IRD lacked a cohesive brand identity, leaving founder Alex Marcus feeling like they weren't a "real-looking company." That's when they turned to Mind Hous.

Mind Hous on the job

Through a data-driven approach, Mind Hous embarked on an extensive research journey, delving into IRD's business, goals, essence, positioning, customers, and the ever-evolving market landscape. We didn't just analyze data; we uncovered trends and projections, ensuring IRD's brand would stand the test of time.


Armed with invaluable insights, Mind Hous entered the development phase, meticulously organizing and interpreting the data through matrixes and content maps. This strategic process allowed us to craft a brand identity that would evoke specific emotions, communicate a clear message, and leave a lasting positive impression on IRD's customers.


A new brand
was born

Hundreds of sketches, color studies, and shape explorations later, the new IRD logo emerged – a visual embodiment of the company's identity, chosen by Alex himself. But Mind Hous didn't stop there; we ensured the brand was seamlessly implemented across IRD's entire ecosystem, from internal materials to external collateral, both visually and verbally.


To empower IRD's team, Mind Hous provided a comprehensive brand guide, equipping them with guidelines, information, and rules for future brand implementation.


Impressed by Mind Hous' exceptional work, Alex commissioned us to redesign IRD's website, transforming it from a static, informational platform into a strategic, engaging digital experience. Leveraging the data gathered during the branding process, Mind Hous delivered a stunning website just in time for a crucial industry conference.


At the conference, IRD's new branding and website garnered widespread acclaim from customers and stakeholders, cementing their position as a force to be reckoned with in the HR technology consulting realm.

"Their contributions have not only enhanced our brand's presence, but have also played a key role in building a stronger, more connected community around our services."
- Alex Marcus, CEO of Integral Recruiting Design.

A new level of partnership

Buoyed by positive feedback and growing industry recognition, Alex enthusiastically engaged Mind Hous for Fractional CMO and COO services. Gui Cavalcante stepped in as Fractional CMO, providing strategic marketing guidance, including product design, for a new recurring revenue service line. In parallel, Heath Hughes, who had been a founding strategic advisor to IRD, assumed the Fractional COO role, optimizing IRD's strategies, operations, processes, costs, and efficiencies. Under their leadership, significant projects were undertaken, including:

Marketing Software Setup & Management

We set up and managed various marketing software solutions for IRD, including email marketing, landing page providers, social media management tools, and sales intelligence & engagement platforms. This strengthened IRD's online presence and reach.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

We consistently collected and analyzed marketing and website data through tools like Google Analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making across all initiatives. ​

Professional Marketing Materials

Supporting IRD's national industry conference presence, we provided comprehensive marketing materials, such as collaterals, web pages, user flows, lead magnets, pitch decks, and more. These professional and high-quality assets contributed to improved market positioning, customer retention, lead conversion, and sales. ​

Business Strategy & Development

We actively participated in strategizing and developing IRD's business, products, and services. A notable collaboration was. new business service line called System Admin Insights, IRD's online community, where we were a key partner from inception. We helped define and execute strategies to establish the community, while also marketing and managing its technical aspects.

Project Management & Coordination

Additionally, we coordinated and managed providers and freelancers on IRD's behalf for projects like the company's podcast.

The results? IRD's business soared, achieving a remarkable 300% growth over two years, with Mind Hous continuing to support their ascent to even greater heights.


In a crowded market, Mind Hous empowered IRD to stand out, captivate audiences, and forge an unbreakable bond with their community – a testament to the transformative power of strategic branding and cohesive marketing efforts.

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